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What is Project Management Professional Certification?

PMP Exam prep Toronto

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A PMP Certification is not compulsory to work as a project manager; however, securing it surely does boost your credibility in the field of project management. Obtaining a PMP Certification acts as a recognized document that proves your skills and capabilities as a project manager. If you are also looking forward to boosting your career as a project manager, you can go ahead with PMP Exam prep Toronto to increase your chances to clear the examination and successfully securing the certification.

What are the Eligibility criteria for appearing in the PMP Exam?

To be able to apply for PMP certification one must have at least 7500 hours of working experience as a project manager alongside completing a 35 hour PMP course or hold at least a graduate degree with 4500 hours of relevant experience alongside 35 hours of relevant education.

How to Apply for the Examination?

To initiate, applicants need to set up a login ID with PMI’s official website. You shall have to enter all the prompted information and thereafter proceed further to pay the applicable fee. There is a difference between the fee applicable for PMI membership holders and non-members. You can browse through the various membership programs at the official website itself and proceed accordingly. You can also retrieve all the other relevant information regarding the application process from the official website itself.

How to Prepare for the PMP Course?

The first and foremost step before starting the preparation for the examination must be to go through the exam content to be able to study effectively. You can even join PMP Exam Prep Toronto to gain some professional help to prepare for the examination.

Secondly, it is very important to carefully go through the PMBOK as the PMP exam is based on the guidelines as well as the project management standards mentioned in it. Additionally, before appearing for the final examination, it always helps to practice with some mock tests to become familiar with the exam pattern and to be able to adjust your time accordingly while appearing for the final examination to not miss out on anything.

Is Certification Worth It?

PMP is one of the most sought after certifications in the field of project management. Not does only it certified your credibility as a professional project manager but it also opens up a whole lot of new opportunities for you. Moreover, going through the PMP course while preparing for your examination helps you to gain more knowledge and come in contact with other professionals with the same career backgrounds. It helps you build up a strong network in the field alongside, boosting your skillset.

Securing the PMP certification can not only help you secure a well-paid job but also allow you to keep up with the latest of technologies and trends that keep coming up in the field of project management. In this highly competitive world, it is really necessary to keep yourself updated by securing the relevant certifications.

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